Live Virtual Workshop

Dissection Techniques Task Force


The purpose of this Workshop is to have a discussion of specific Dissection Techniques, pros and cons, methodologies, and equipment.

Who should attend: 

This Workshop is open to individuals who have an interest and/or expertise in stator bar or stator coil dissection techniques, with a focus on form wound coils/bars.

Date and Time: 

2021 June 14, 8am to 12pm Eastern and 2021 June 15, 8am to 12pm Eastern.


$50 for workshop attendees that are also registered for EIC 2021 and $75 for those that wish to attend only the workshop.

Registration is to be paid through IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference 2021 Registration website.  Cost includes both 4 hour sessions (one on June 14 and one on June 15.) There is no discount to only attend one session. The registration will be limited to the first 60 people who complete and pay the registration fee.


Further information is being developed. At present, considerations are to have an interactive panel session, potentially review of video of dissection techniques, review of equipment utilized. As noted, the details of this workshop are still being determined as of February 2021. Updates will be made to this website notification as details are confirmed.

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Stay tuned for further updates and confirmation of details!