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Past Conferences

39th EIC 2021 – Virtual Conference

About EIC-2021

The 2021 Electrical Insulation Conference was held in a virtual format from June 7-28, 2021. Below you can download a list of all papers (with or without abstracts) that were presented at the conference along with a copy of the conference program schedule.

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EIC-2021 Closing Video

EIC-2021 Plenary Session Featuring Alan Ross and his presentation “Effect of Reliability Principles on Insulation Life Cycle Management”

EIC-2021 Organizing Team

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EIC-2021 Special Events

There were many exciting events at the EIC-2021 conference. Below are a few highlights.

Dissection Techniques Task Force

Two days of in-depth discussion of specific Dissection Techniques, pros and cons, methodologies, and equipment.

Student Meetups

Student Expert Panels

Short Courses

Effect of Inverter Drives on Rotating Machine Electrical Insulation

Dr. Greg Stone, Iris Power-Qualitrol

Transformer & Bushing Insulation Diagnostics – Field perspective

Dr. Diego Robalino, Megger

Electrical Insulation Forensics

Dr. Howard W. Penrose, MotorDoc LLC

38th EIC 2020 – Virtual Conference

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37th EIC 2019 – Calgary, Canada

36th EIC 2018 – San Antonio, TX, USA

35th EIC 2017 – Baltimore, USA