Attendees see what EIC-2021 can do for you!

We have many Live Interactive sessions for our attendees!

(3) Short Courses
(6) Live Poster Q&A sessions
(9) Oral Presentation Q&A
(1) Dissection Workshop

(2) Students Meetup
(2) Student Experts Panel
(2) Open Discussion sessions for all participants

EIC-2021 is an International Conference reaching all time zones around the world. To aide attendees with time conversion we have provided the conference schedule in 4 time zones and have also provided Time Zone conversion charts for all other time zones. Visit the “Conference Schedule” web page for more information.

We also have opportunities to learn how the conference live interactive sessions will work prior to starting the conference! Attend our Pre-Conference Practice Session on Wednesday, June 2 at 09:00AM EDT.

To learn about using ZOOM to attend Live Interactive sessions download the “EIC-2021 – Zoom Meetings Best Practices” guide and the “ZOOM Info for Attendees” below.

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