Golden Omega Award 

Roger C. Wicks 

Global Technical Marketing Manager at DuPont 

In February, it was announced by Stephen Tuckwell, NEMA member of the EIC Board of Governors, that the recipient of the 2023 Golden Omega Award is Roger Wicks. The Golden Omega Award,  sponsored by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), is awarded to an outstanding person of science, engineering, education, or industry who has made important contributions to technological progress. NEMA has been a partner with the EIC since the first conference in 1958. The first Golden Omega Award was presented to Admiral Hyman Rickover of the US Navy who pioneered the first nuclear-powered submarine. Wicks is the 32nd recipient. The award will be presented during the EIC in Quebec City, at the Tuesday night dinner on June 20th.   

Wicks is a Technical Laureate for the Water and Protection Business for DuPont.  He is located at the Spruance Plant for DuPont in Richmond, Virginia, and he has been active in the testing and development of insulating materials and insulation systems used in motors and transformers. Wicks has worked for DuPont for 45 years, of which the last 35 have been in support of the Nomex® paper produced at this site. 

Wicks has been integral to the development of a wide range of IEEE, IEC and NEMA standards, including chairing work on more than a dozen of them over this timeframe, mostly related to insulating materials and insulation systems testing for transformers.  During his tenure he has held various positions in IEEE, IEC and NEMA technical committees, including a nine-year term as chairman in IEC TC 112.  Wicks used this role to promote globalization of standards work, such as initiating collaboration between Underwriters Laboratories and IEC to develop thermal aging standards and coordinating insulation systems testing between IEEE and IEC.  Wicks has received three 1906 awards from IEC which recognizes exceptional current achievements of experts, and he was also awarded the EIC Hall of Fame Award (now known as the John Tanaka Distinguished Leadership Award) for outstanding contributions to the IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference.  Wicks was also awarded an “Outstanding Contributor” award by the PES Transformers Committee for his standardization work for that committee. 



John Tanaka Award  

Liz Tillotson  

Tony Davies High Voltage Lab Administrator

Liz first attended the EIC in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 2014 where the Board of Governors voted her as the Registration Chair for the coming years.  This would prove to be an excellent decision as time moved on. Liz started volunteering at the EIC 2015 in Seattle, Washington and has been with the organizing committee for each successive conference since.  Registration Chair is a very demanding role that requires a great deal of organization, determination, and patience, all of which she has made appear quite seamless to those looking from the outside.  Liz has also assisted with other things that are taken for granted such as signage, pocket program, information for authors to name a few.  She’s been a valued team member and year after year she has provided insights into the points of view of both the attendees as well as the exhibitors. Her gentle guidance has been a strong contributing factor to the success of each year’s new EIC conference. 

Liz started working at The University of Southampton in April 2004 and joined the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory in July 2013.