Keynote Speaker

Stefano Bomben P. Eng

Keynote - Stefano Bomben - 2024

Stefano received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering in 1991 from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Immediately upon graduation, employment commenced at Ontario Hydro as a junior engineer in training at the flagship Sir Adam Beck Generating Station.  The subsequent year he moved to the head office of Ontario Hydro as an Assistant Engineer where he was first exposed to hydro generators by his esteemed mentor John F. Lyles which ignited a passion lasting more than three decades.

As Ontario Hydro transitioned into Ontario Power Generation in 1999, he accepted a position as the Sr. Engineer Specialist exclusively working on hydro generators.  To this day, he remains dedicated and focused on the operation, maintenance, and advancement of technology for hydro generators through extensive participation in IEEE standards committees.

Stefano has contributed to the Electrical Insulation Conference by authoring and co-authoring numerous technical papers and serving as a member and Chair on the Board of Governors over the last 10 years.   Additionally, Stefano has co-authored the Handbook of Large Hydro Generators Operation and Maintenance.

Stefano is blessed with a beautiful family, his loving wife Victoria, and cherished daughters Kristina and Kayla.

Keynote agenda:

  • History of the EIC
  • Main topic of discussion – The Challenges of the Electrical Grid for the Coming Years
    • Electric vehicles – cars, trains, buses, boats, and even airplanes
    • Large battery banks
    • Fossil fuels – extinction of generating facilities
  • Forecasting how much power will be needed
  • New generation that can contribute to clean power
    • Renewable generation – wind, solar, hydro
    • Small Modular Reactors
    • Who will build it?
    • Who will pay for it?
  • Grid infrastructure needed to supply this demand
    • Who will build it?
    • What needs to be put in place?
    • Who will pay for it?