Short Courses

Transformer Insulation Diagnostics – Field perspective

This course describes the most important methodologies used for transformer insulation diagnostics in the field. The topics include time and frequency domain methodologies described in the international literature including insulation resistance, Power Factor, newly developed features for improved Power Factor diagnostics and advanced diagnostics with Dielectric Frequency Response.

Course Outline (PDF Link)

Why should the DEIS care about the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid is many different things to many different people, and the value proposition for the dielectrics and electrical insulation community is very different to that perceived by other groups, such as network control engineers or protection specialists. At first glance, Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation may seem rather distant from the Smart Grid; in reality, the Smart Grid could offer a wealth of information about the performance of dielectrics out “in the wild”. If the dielectrics community is able to utilise this information to its full potential, the grid as a whole stands to benefit.

Course Outline (PDF Link)

Generators: Engineering Approach to Modernization and Rehabilitation of Hydropower

Voith experts, present project case studies to demonstrate the engineering approach and proven solutions for modernization and rehabilitation of hydro generators. A recommended framework for rehabilitation schedules and modernization solutions will be reviewed in relation to the lifecycle of various hydro systems and equipment. The course goal is to present solutions, based on real projects, which can be used to inform and optimize the project outcomes for power plant operators including engineering, maintenance and operations.

Course Outline (PDF Link)

Insulation Testing of Turbo Generators

Turbo Generators are designed for operation over a long period of time. High quality stator winding insulation is an important factor to achieve the expected reliability and forced outage rates. This course will provide basic description of stator insulation components and systems. It will include an overview of technical principles, applications and testing requirements outlined in IEEE 56, IEEE Guide for Insulation Maintenance of Electric Machines, along with some points from IEEE 4, 43, 95, and 286.

Course Outline (PDF Link)

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